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I Will Send One of My Poems Signed to You Anywhere in the World

David Morris

Photo Dr. David Morris

Just For You

I will sign and send one of my poems in Celtic Script in English on 8 1/2 x 11 top quality paper anywhere in the world.

I will send a poem directly to anyone you wish with a Celtic Circle Card within the envelop and write on it what you want at no extra cost.

I will do this for you as long as it remains interesting to me. As a Marketing Professor this will give me some idea of the interest in my poems and from what parts of the world. This is an honest proposal for you, no string of any kind.

Make sure I can figure out what poem you want me to sign and send. Use the title. Type the name address and Zip Code so I do not make a mistake. If it arrives to you damaged I will send another. If address is in another language make it very clear. emaildavidmorris@gmail.com

I believe the way for me to make money as a poet is to write an individualized poem for a loved one, an event, a nation, a company, an institution, to teach a concept, as a company story (mission), to sell a product, to change thinking, in memorial, point out an injustice, to tell a story, strategy, or to over come. Contact me by email to discuss if interested.

More people are going to my poetry site and staying longer every day.

If I can help you as a poet please let me know?

"Poetry once written is lost forever." DM