Artist Kathy Stock
Poet David Morris

1996 - 2008




This student project began when I asked my marketing class if there was anyone in the world that they could not contact. They all said yes and it was very hard to meet people in marketing. I agreed and but then put forth the idea that anyone can be contacted if it is done in special way. The class all knew that I was a poet and I suggested that a poet can contact anyone.

This class had many students from Thailand and I asked them if they thought we could contact the King and he would respond to the class. They could not believe that the King would respond to our marketing class. They said that the King is very busy.

My suggestion was that we could select one of my poems and have Kathy Stock put the poem into one of her hand painted designs. To add to this marketing assignment we could place this poem into a large card and have the students and every one else at the University of New Haven sign it for the King. We all worked on this project.

When the card was ready we sent the card to the Thai Embassy in Washington addressed to the King and invited him to the class. We heard nothing back so I called to talk to the ambassador. I explained what we had done to the person on the telephone and asked to speak to the ambassador. He said he remembered the card and the ambassador and the other people loved it and had put it into the King's diplomatic pouch.

At that point we did not hear back. I called the embassy again and the people said that the card went through but that others their make the decision on what the King sees. 

Well my idea did not work on meeting or getting through to a person in the world that time. Surprising no form letter of appreciation either.

This learning project was a success because we actually did it and followed through. The project and the anticipation of success was exciting for all of us. The students from Thailand taught us all about their country and their great King.

6+ or -3

The marketing and storytelling lesson is that even though we did not hear back from the King the project can be expanded applying my 6+ or -3 model. All marketing actions must be reapplied and expanded in as many ways as possible.

When you do anything in marketing try to think of 6+ or -3 ways to add to it.

1 Have the entire class participate is one.

2 The card itself is two.

3 Getting the people at the University to sign the card is three. Hundreds of people were then included in our class experience.

4 Four is putting the card on the UNH website.

5 Adding a write up on this project website was five.

6 Six, in the school of engineering a professor was from Thailand. We asked the professor and his class to come and join us in a picture included on the card.

7 Seven we asked the President DeNardis to write a letter to the King which we added to the card.

8 Eight it is now on my website.

From my 6+ or -3 model I would have done more things if I had the power. The university public relations department although informed did not to my knowledge do anything with this class project.

9 They could have contacted newspapers in the USA and Thailand with the story.

10 They could have written this up in the UNH alumni association magazine.

11 The student newspaper.

12 This King of Thailand story was taken off my page on the UNH website for some reason this last summer. Current top administration must not want this type of example to on the UNH webpage. Perhaps they are the real marketing geniuses. More likely perhaps there is a new marketing model where only one person can shine in an institution.