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A long time ago and a short time ago. In a place both near and far away.

Celtic Poets 2008
Storytelling Poetry Award

Photo of Dr. David Morris Going to Work

If you would like to submit one or more of your poems for the 2008 Storytelling Poetry Award please email to me. I will post your poem (s). Readers from around the world are asked to submit positive comments for as many poems as they wish. Submit by March 17, 2008 so others from around the world may comment. After this date your poem (s) will go to the 2009 Storytelling Poetry Award.

2008 Storytelling Poetry Award,
Submit by March 17, 2008
(Tell a Story)

Universal Repeating Themes
Celtic, Tribal, Clann Themes
Love, Joy, Happiness Themes
Business, Marketing Employment Themes
Religious, Spiritual, Bardic Themes
Events, National, Individual Themes
Teaching, Learning Themes
Daily Life, Death Themes
Dissatisfaction, Injustice Themes

Warrior Themes

Poems may be submit in any language or combination of languages.
Poems may be in any combination of forms. For example words, art, music, video, audio. If I am unable to post on my site because of my limited knowledge or space constraints you can put on videogoogle or youtube and we will cross reference.
Submit a description of your poem (s) that I will put on my site.

Poem (s) should not be submitted to other publication.
You maintain copyright of your poem (s) to publish where you wish in the future.
I take no responsibility for the authorship of submitted poems. When you e-mail your poems to me add to each e-mail that you are the author of the submitted poem (s) and you give me permission to use the poem (s).
If more than one person is part of the creation. Each person must send me a separate e-mail stating authorship and giving me permission to use.

I reserve the right to reject any poem (s) for any reason at any time. DM
I do not want this to get too complicated.

If you would like to write in nonlinear form using 6+ or -3.

Celtic poems have nine lines.

Celtic poems are divisible into three threes.

Celtic poems should have each line be interchangeable with any other and still maintain meaning.

You can of course submit your own unique style. Just explain to the reader. The structure of poetry also tells a story.


"When a poet wins an award it is that they have supported the story in power." DM